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a full service heat exchanger and pressure vessel manufacture and repair company

 We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations with a commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in our outstanding reputation. 

R. C. E. Heat Exchangers, LLC is an ASME Code shop holding both ASME “U” Stamp covering the fabrication of pressure vessels and the NBIC “R” Stamp for the repair of pressure vessels.  This certification assures the highest level of professionalism and quality that only an ASME certified shop can provide. 


ASME U stamp certified shop
NBIC R stamp certified shop

Let R. C. E. work with you on design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of any heat exchangers or pressure vessels requirements you may have.  The people at R. C. E. are here to serve you the customer.

Gas & Oil

Pressure vessels from the well head to final product.

​Power Generation

Providing heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

R.C.E. Heat Exchangers, LLC.

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